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Gabriela Heller - Curandera


Energetic care:


  • Individual session: CHF 120.-

  • Individual session to connect for a light grid * (30 minutes): CHF 50.-

  • Two-therapists session: CHF 200.-


Light Language grids:

  • 49-shape grid (standard): CHF 150.-

  • Individual grid (7 shapes): CHF 50.-

  • 144-shape grid: CHF 300.-

  • Mobius grid: CHF 200.-


(* If we do not know each other yet, the creation of a light grid requires an individual session, so that I can be connected to your request. The session is then charged CHF 50.-. The grid is sent by mail or delivered personnaly within 10 days)

Gift vouchers:

Gift vouchers are available on request

Health insurance:

I am not reimbursed by the health insurance. But after 10 individual sessions and / or light grids, I offer you a voucher of CHF 100.-, to redeem within the year (for you or the person of your choice)



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