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Gabriela Heller - Curandera


By simply laying on my hands, I let a powerful energy pass through me which activates your healing power.


These healings and the wisdom that goes with them come from the Curanderos Lineage, an uninterrupted lineage of 27 generations of shamans in Vera Cruz, Mexico. They can heal any type of discomfort, illness, pain, imbalances, whether physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual.


Here is a non-exhaustive list:

- stress reduction, support in the grieving process, relief of sadness

- sleep enhancement

- liberation of thought forms that no longer suit us

- release of blockages (physical, emotional or energetic)

- recovery after an operation (anesthesia drainage, healing, energy, etc.).

- consolidation after a fracture

- treatment of sprains, joint problems, osteoarthritis, etc.  

- treatment of eating disorders

- addiction treatment

- elimination of toxins, heavy metals, etc. 

- lymphatic drainage

- reduction of fever, viruses, inflammations

- heart care (both physical and emotional, balance between "giving" and "receiving", "past" and "present")

- treatment of Crohn's, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's diseases

- treatment of cancers, leukemia, support during chemotherapy

- treatment of gynecological disorders (polyps, fibroids, cervical cancer, etc.)

- and many more



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