Since the beginning of time, the Shamanic Lineage of the Curanderos of Mexico has been using Light Language for deep healing and transformation in daily life, consciously using the energetic vibration of shapes and colors.

The Light Language Keychains offer you a combination of shapes and colors that allow you to connect to a particular essence. Whether you wish to connect to JOY, LOVE, CREATIVITY, TRUST or any other essence, the Keychain of Light connects you deeply to its vibration. The chosen essence accompanies you in your everyday life.


Lost in your thoughts, occupied by the flow of daily life, your gaze is suddenly attracted by the Keychain of Light, reminding you on the mental level that the essence acts for you and reconnects you to it in depth. But much more than that, the essence emanating from this Keychain of Light acts on your entire body and remains constant in your energy field without you doing anything.

Light Language keychain