Gabriela Heller - Curandera


We all use Light Language, without realizing it.


In every gesture we make, in every word we say, in every thought we have, we use Light Language.
We "emanate" shapes and colors, creating our reality. To be red with anger, to have the blues, to see life in pink, the expressions are numerous! Even the post-it notes are yellow, the color of attention...


Colors and shapes are not simply "tricks" or "things" that we draw according to our desires... they are subtle and powerful energies, vectors of our reality. If we wish to modify our reality, why not start by consciously using these energies?


Composing a light grid is like composing a symphony, we choose the instruments, the melody, the rhythm, the duration and we let ourselves be carried by this music which is our life!


Let ourselves be carried, yes... because life will always offer us the best. And the best does not necessarily translate into what we imagined! Each grid is a new surprise, a new adventure, which each time led me (or my patients) much further than I thought at the beginning.



Light grids touch all areas of life, whether at the personal empowerment level (self-confidence, right to happiness, self-esteem, healing of old wounds or relationships, etc.), at the material level (finding the ideal apartment, developing a professional activity, etc.), at the physical and emotional level (healing of illnesses, developing concentration or memory, improving sleep quality, reducing stress, ceasing smoking, etc.) or at the spiritual level (fully accepting one's own light, gifts, etc.).


A light grid can be composed of 7, 49 or 144 shapes. It can even have the shape of a mobius, sign of infinity ... I will be happy to tell you more and create a personalized grid for you!