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Gabriela Heller - Curandera


As the mother of two girls aged 17 and 15 and a boy of almost 2 years old, I have been in the emotional bath with the children for a long time. The first revelation was Aletha Solter's fabulous book "Pleurs et colères des enfants et des bébés". 

I then understood that an emotion should not be stored or stopped, that it should simply be released in a loving environment. I stopped walking around the apartment with my 4-month-old daughter to make her stop crying... until I settled down again. And I settled down comfortably with her in a chair, and gave her space to release her tears, finding a smiling little girl after a few minutes (which could, I confess, seem like hours...).

This philosophy was far from unanimous! I can't count the number of well-attentive people who wanted to take my daughter from my arms to distract her, so that her crying would stop (temporarily!). But this philosophy is still with me today. Validating an emotion, giving it space, teaching my children that no emotion is bad, and that it is simply a wave that, once crossed, disappears again. 


I always knew that one day I would expand this to other children. My initiation into the Curanderos Lineage and the discovery of Clinton Callahan's approach motivated me to open this door today. To learn from an early age to use the energy of feelings to live life to the fullest, rather than being limited by deep-seated emotions. 


Initially, I set up a workshop for children between 4 and 10 years old, which combines walks in nature and the discovery of emotions.

"Emotions... no matter the weather" is aptly named! Because emotions are as much like a cloudy sky as a sunny day, a storm or a starry night. Whether it's windy, rainy or sunny, we meet our emotions while enjoying the great outdoors!


For the past few months, I have been working with Luc Brugger, who is also an emotional consultant (and much more!). We also offer interventions in kindergartens and nurseries as well as conferences on the theme of emotions. Do not hesitate to visit our website


See the "Workshops" section.

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