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Gabriela Heller - Curandera


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FEAR - ANGER - SADNESS - JOY (and not one more!)


4 feelings that pass in the space of a few seconds...This is what we all dream of...


But these feelings are rare in their pure state, and often crystallize into emotions that last much longer than a few seconds.


Who has never brooded for days and days after an event that is often harmless to the outside world? Sign that an undigested feeling has crystallized into an emotion. An emotion that is often disproportionately externalized and never directed towards the right person... 


Only by re-appropriating our feelings in their purest form can we put them to good use and see how beneficial they can be in our lives. 


This area is particularly close to my heart because it is only in the last few years that I have realized how emotionally illiterate most of us are. Having made the journey myself through my old, undigested emotions, it is important for me to accompany my patients in their own emotional literacy. Appropriating one's emotions means becoming an adult. And this is, in my opinion, the greatest secret to happiness. 


My approach is very much influenced by the work of Clinton Callahan. His books and workshops are incredible sources of inspiration and personal growth!


For the past few months, I have partnered with Luc Brugger, also an emotional coach (and much more!) to develop these activities. From conferences to private coaching, from emotional workshops in the outdoors to interventions in educational settings, from individual coaching to group sessions, we are convinced that a better future depends on a positive approach to emotions and feelings. Do not hesitate to visit our website



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