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Gabriela Heller - Curandera


Since I was a child, I liked to offer the necessary space to the people close to me to allow them to sprout the beautiful seeds they had inside. Having long believed that this space was exclusively through listening and communication, it was quite natural that I began my professional reorientation by training as a coach, gradually leaving behind my background as a lawyer. Listening to the wind blowing between the branches, sowing words that I let infuse in them, I accompanied people on their life path, helping them discover and develop strengths and qualities that they were often unaware of.


My own life path took a turn 5 years ago, encouraging me to go even more to meet myself. During this inner journey, I had the chance to discover more deeply the world of emotions, learning what an emotion really is and how positive it can be if I use it wisely. Clinton Callahan's revolutionary approach to emotions, whose book "Radiant Joy - Brilliant Love" I am currently translating, inspires me enormously. 

I also discovered the exciting world of healing energies. Having taken a course on the Light Language in 2014 with Homaya Amar, master and teacher of the Curanderos Lineage (shamans of Mexico), I have never ceased to marvel at the creative power that each person possesses within themselves.


Like Obelix, I fell, so to speak, into a cauldron ... that of the Curanderos. But here, there's no question of a magic potion, no question of swallowing something external to get better or change something in your life. No, the magic lies in itself, in activating one's own creative power, one's own healing power.


The Light Language accompanies me since 2014, I use it daily and above all I love to create light grids for all people who want to bring positive and sustainable changes in their lives. Since 2019, I have the joy of being able to teach it and transmit this magic to everyone. 


During my initiation to the Curanderos Lineage, I was taught magnificent and powerful healing techniques. By a simple laying on of hands, the energy that passes through me activates your creative and healing power. The energy knows where it needs to go, be it on a physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual level.


In my opinion, accompanying someone on his life's path is not something that can be put into this or that category. 


Accompanying someone is like painting a canvas. Different colors, different brushes and sponges. Different techniques, from abstract to pointillism, through contemporary. Like a canvas, each encounter is unique and I always let myself be carried by what invites itself into the space created by my patient and me.


But if I had to summarize my approach, I would say that it revolves around these three axes, intimately interrelated:


-Light Language 

-Energetic healing

-Emotional support (with a specific branch for children - Children and Emotions)


You will find in the relevant sub-sections a few words on each of these three axes. 


Looking forward to meeting you!


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